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  1. Wow! Very nice! Thanks for all your hard work :D

  2. this is great! I appreciate the time you must have put into this to make it so easy to find the info.

  3. Jane Boozer here from North East Alabama I am new at this and I know NOTHING.....I bought a used chicken or hen pen last Saturday and it came with four hens. I named them Matilda, Yolkam, Henrietta, and Kentucky...We got them Saturday evening and they still haven't laid eggs, we are feeding them laying mash and veggie scraps do you have any suggestions for me? Could they just be nervous from the move and the new surroundings maybe....Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated...I mean I am not quiet ready for chicken and dumplins I did buy them for the eggs....

    1. Do you know the age of the chicken? Chickens do not lay eggs when they are very young or very old.

  4. my coop is ready and my brooder is too but now I'm nervous about actually bringing home my first chicks. I plan to get 3. They feed store has chicks that are 2 weeks old and ready to go. I guess I'm afraid it will be more work than I can handle or something...I've had dogs, rabbits, cats and a bird in years past but never chicks. Am I being overly worried for nothing?

  5. I can't have chicken s where we live but so enjoy them . While visiting a friends farm in Ca. last week I had the most memorable experience with her Cochin Hen. We created a video clip for
    chicken lovers and all others to enjoy. It shows just how lovable chickens can be.

    Deanna Urs

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  7. I am having Issues with lacto fermenting my is forming an 8 inch layer of soaked feed floating on top of the water..I use Tucker Milling Non GMO feed.....Help

  8. Once/twice a day submerge and stir it. It is just the 'cap' formed by the fermentation and will sink eventually.


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